Light Weight Aluminum Wheel, Light Wheel, Light Aliminum Wheel

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item 2 Pieces
Place of Origin China
PCD 100~150mm
Hole 5
ET -9~79mm
Warranty 3 year at least
Material ALLOY
Certification TS16494
Material Aluminum 6061 T6
Size 19~24 inch
Color Paint.Brush/Polish/Chrome

As the most important component of the wheel,wheel hub is one of the most important symbols to measure the quality and grade level of the whole car.

For our alloy automobile wheel hub,they have characteristics of advanced technology management system and inspection and testing equipment,which can realize large-volume,industrialied and large-scale production.


Alloy automobile wheel hub hwith high intensity,good impact resistance fatigue resistance is strong,light quality reduce the intertial energy ,reduce drive torque,speed fater,brake quickly,high temperature dependence is low good heat dissipation,performance,prolong the service life of tires.


Good damping alloy materials shock absorption,samping noise reduction,improve the comfort of the car.

Please check the following models of our alloy wheel hub.They are parts of our alloy wheel hub, Also we can supply you the wheel rub as per your required size and surface treatment.
We can do it by mould or by CNC maching.Also can supply CAD service for you.
If you have any interested in our alloy wheel hub,please feel free to contact us for the details.
Our products are covering Bus/ truck forged aluminum wheels, passenger car forged aluminum wheels as well as motorcycle forged aluminum wheels.

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